Garrick Jones isn't your ordinary former professional football player; he's a man with a vision built around culture.

Jones is a former player for the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars and a host of CFL teams.

His story doesn't end there.

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He's the President of the Huddle Up Foundation of Houston, Treasurer of the NFLPA Houston Chapter, and Commissioner and Co-founder of the States Developmental Football League.

He's also vying to become the next GM of the Houston Texans and I had the honor of speaking with him about what he brings to the table as a candidate for the job.

When you hear him speak, you can hear the excitement and conviction in his voice with regards to his mindset about the job and the organization. He often speaks of building a culture that everyone buys in to and makes great points that it starts with the culture before you can even address positions among the team.

What's truly inspiring about Jones is how he came into the league as an undrafted free agent and, while in the league, learning everything about the game on and off the field. As he calls it "on the job training", it gave him insight on how to better prepare himself for life off the field, thus being able to translate that mindset into teaching other athletes the same values.

While we spoke much about the inner-workings of the team and league, I did ask him about who he'd hire as the next head coach. I'll tell ya, Jones is truly committed to building a culture before hiring a coach. Most Texans fans want Eric Bieniemy to be the next coach, and while Jones did mention him (Bieniemy), he stayed focused on talking about finding the right candidate that will buy in to the culture of the organization.

That culture is not rebuilding, it's about winning now and bringing a championship to the city of Houston.

We also, briefly, spoke about the horrendous trade of DeAndre Hopkins. Like all Texans fans, he was taken aback by it and proclaimed Hopkins a "once in a lifetime player".

There's a petition campaigning on behalf of Garrick Jones to become the next GM of the Houston Texans. Show your support for the future of the Texans by signing it today.

You can hear the entire interview with Garrick Jones in the player at the top of the page..


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