Every year the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) publishes a list of the top 12 men and the top 12 women of the year (one for every month of the year). This year our neighbors across the pond, are a wee-bit angry that the BBC would allow an animal to represent the twelfth woman of the year. Tian Tian, also known as Sweetie, is one of two giant pandas on loan from China to the Edinburgh zoo, for December.


The BBC press office has responded to the outrage saying, “Sweetie isn’t the first non-human on Faces of the year list, Peppa Pig last year and Benson the carp on the 2009 male list.” It appears to me, that it’s okay if the animals are on the male list, as no real protest was put fourth when the pig and carp made the mans list. Heaven forbid a cuddly panda make the womans list while a pig (making some men proud) made the list. Why couldn’t it be a stallion or lion or an eagle, but a pig?

Labor member of Parliament Stella Creasy told the Guardian News that the broadcaster had a long way to go when it comes to representing women. “Whilst we all love a good panda story, in a year when Christine Lagarde became head of the IMF, or Helle Thorning-Schmidt became prime minister of Denmark or even the sad death of Amy Winehouse, it’s frustrating the BBC couldn’t think of 12 human female faces who have made the news this year.”

source: MSN.com and the BBC

Forget all this ‘pandamonium’ over Tian Tian, the fact remains, Sweetie is the main attraction at the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland. This video shows Tian Tian interacting with its visitors.



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