Chris Young and his "Drowning" co-writers display the kind of tight, meaningful songwriting that only a trio of everyday Nashville songwriters could bring you. Find empathy in short, colorful verses and a chorus that ends with a universal gut punch.

Young and his production team don't vary his approach during a lyric so raw and vulnerable on paper that you nearly rush to find videos of him singing it acoustically on YouTube. He plays with sustained notes and shows off his control throughout the three-minute-long ballad. Most will only need his message to fall for the song, however.

"I gotta say, missing you comes in waves / And tonight I'm drowning" he repeats throughout a song inspired by the real-life loss of a friend.

"Drowning" is the most personal Young has ever been, or at least the most personal he's admitted to being with a radio single. For the most part the Tennessee native and reliable country hitmaker has kept his personal life private, and he keeps a guard up here by not totally submitting to the nature of the message. But this recording isn't worse for that decision.

Did You Know?: The family of the friend that inspired "Drowning" has reached out to Young to give their blessing. He says they loved it.

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Chris Young's "Drowning" Lyrics

Still got your number in my phone / Even though you don’t know I listen / I still call and wait ’til the tone / Just to hear you say ‘Leave a message’ / Since you’ve been gone I’ve had to find / Different ways to grieve / There’s days that I don’t even want it on my mind / But today I’m weak

So I’m gonna pull out pictures, ones with you in ‘em / Laugh and cry a little while reminiscing / By myself, I can’t help that all I think about is / How you were taken way too soon / It ain’t the same here without you / I gotta say, missing you comes in waves / And tonight I’m drowning.

I know you’re in a better place / And one day I’ll see you again / But it’s killing me we can’t be face to face I miss my best friend.

Repeat Chorus

I know it’s a part of life / But I wasn’t ready to say goodbye

Repeat Chorus

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