Throughout the career of Chris Young, the Tennessee native has racked up 12 million singles sold; 11 career No. 1 singles; and a slew of CMA, ACM and Grammy nominations.

Heck, he is even a Grand Ole Opry member.

But long before the world knew his name, Young was just another student attending Middle Tennessee State University, hoping and praying for a chance to make his dreams come true. Earlier this month, one of those big dreams were realized when his alma mater announced that they would be naming a newly renovated live entertainment venue after him.

The space will be named the Chris Young Café, and even nearly a week after the announcement, Young was still astounded by the honor.

“They were talking about wanting to repurpose the space and I was like ‘Man, that’s a really cool idea,’” Young told Taste of Country as he sat in his tour bus waiting to take the stage at Windy City Smokeout in Chicago. “So, I told them that I would love to be a part of it, and they were like 'Cool, because we are going to name it after you.’

"I was very honored," he noted. "It's such a cool thing, and especially because it will create a space where not just performers but anyone who wants to be a manager or a booking agent or audio engineer can all be there in that space and learn there.”

Young is not only lending his name to the area, but also gave $50,000 for renovations. That is on top of the annual scholarship that he also funds at the school for recording industry students.

“I’ve been talking with them about a lot of different things,” confessed Young, who recently extended his Raised On Country World Tour 2019 into the fall.  “They’ve got a great program there. Their media and entertainment college is one of the best in the country.”

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