Icon, pop legend & celebrity diva Cher has been spotted in Nashville since August of 2010 (off & on) chumming around with Music-City's hottest producer, Mark Bright (NO! they're not dating). Bright is known for producing Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatts. Cher is said to be preparing for a country "flavored"  Album.

CHER Sporting Her New Cowboy Hat

As a matter of fact, my sources say the the lovely & talented miss Cher had checked out some music from one of Nashville's top writers, Diane Warren and is said to be penning /co-penning her own "Country Flavored" tunes with Miss Warren. No word on what record company might release this project (if and when it's ever finished). However, she did just sign a contract with Warner Brothers Music. I say look for it around Christmas 2011 (cause mama needs Christmas shopping money).

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