Carrie Underwood keeps the "Smooth Criminal" vibe from her 2019 CMA Awards performance going in the new music video for her song "Drinking Alone." The country superstar premiered the clip on Wednesday (Nov. 20).

Underwood's "Drinking Alone" music video stars the singer as a performer in a dimly-lit, red velvet-draped club. The clip follows a visibly dejected, leather jacket-clad man who enters the venue alone but is soon joined by a woman, also played by Underwood.

The two singles cuddle in their booth, but solo shots of both individuals, fiddling with a lighter and a photograph, suggest that there's more to the story -- and, indeed, there is. Readers can press play above to watch the full video.

Underwood co-wrote "Drinking Alone" with David Garcia and Brett James. In the song, the star shoots down a pickup line, but welcomes a fellow heartbroken drinking buddy.

"We should be drinking alone together," Underwood sings in the chorus of "Drinking Alone," an ode to drowning your sorrows with someone else doing the same. "Drowning the pain is better / With somebody else who got problems / We ain't gonna solve 'em / But misery loves company ..."

"Drinking Alone" comes from Underwood's most recent studio album, Cry Pretty, released in 2018.

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