With their latest album, 'Turn Blue,' out now, it's about time to take an inside look at the Black Keys and share some facts you probably didn't know about the bluesy Akron duo.

In fact, you can either read through the facts below or check 'em out in our video montage above!

  • 1

    They once made a cameo in 'Workaholics' and bragged about their “bodacious ponytails."

  • 2

    In the band's early days, the Black Keys were given only $5 a day for meals. Auerbach preferred Chinese takeout, drummer Patrick Carney revealed on the Travel Channel's 'No Reservations.'

  • 3

    Being Polish-Jewish, guitarist and singer Dan Auerbach's great-uncle survived the Holocaust, while his grandmother managed to escape before the Nazis closed the borders.

  • 4

    They made a hip-hop record called 'Blakroc' with producer Damon Dash and various rappers, including RZA, Q-Tip, Mos Def and Jim Jones.

  • 5

    Jack White hates the Black Keys because he thinks they've copied his style.

  • 6

    At the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, the Black Keys won the Breakthrough Video award for 'Tighten Up,' but the plaque on it actually said 'The Black Eyed Peas.'

  • 7

    The video for the band's 2004 single, '10 A.M. Automatic,' was directed by comedian David Cross.

  • 8

    Producer Danger Mouse convinced the Black Keys to write songs for Ike Turner's comeback album in 2007.

  • 9

    Although they sent the demos to Turner, the band felt like the songs were more for them than the R&B legend. In the end, the tracks were never used for Turner, who died before ever completing the album. Instead the band recorded those songs with production help from Danger Mouse, and 'Attack & Release' was born.

  • 10

    A video of an old lady covering ‘Lonely Boy’ with spoons went viral, generating a million and a half views on YouTube. You can hire her to entertain at your next party too.

  • 11

    Even though he's played on every single Black Keys song, Carney has never sang a word on any of them.

  • 12

    Remember the guy dancing in the Keys' 'Lonely Boy' video? That's Derrick T. Tuggle -- a middle-aged actor, musician and part-time security guard who was promised an extra part in the visual but ended up being its focal point.

  • 13

    Carney's uncle Ralph is a saxophone player who's worked with Tom Waits for decades.

  • 14

    When Auerbach recorded a solo album in 2009, Carney formed a side project called Drummer featuring all drummer friends.

  • 15

    Even though the Black Keys shot a live performance video for 'Gold on the Ceiling,' they went back and did it again with 'Kids' director Harmony Korine helming one that was way trippier.

  • 16

    They were named by an artist friend of theirs, who called them "black keys" -- his nickname for people he thought were a bit off center from the norm.

  • 17

    Their second album 'Thickfreakness' was recorded in a 14-hour straight session in Carney's basement because the band spent their advance from their label on rent.

  • 18

    Auerback’s favorite personal skill outside of music is juggling. He considers himself an "average juggler."

  • 19

    After dropping out of college, both Auerbach and Carney mowed lawns to make money, but they got fired from that because they "didn't edge a lawn correctly.”

  • 20

    Another of Auerbach’s prior jobs included handing out flyers. However, that job lasted only two hours because his boss discovered 600 of the flyers he was supposed to distribute thrown in a sewer.

  • 21

    When the band started, Carney could hardly play the drums, and started off imitating Captain Beefheart and Wu-Tang Clan beats.

  • 22

    Their first song-placement offer was for British mayonnaise. Even though it "was more money than both of our parents make in a year combined," they declined.

  • 23

    Johnny Depp joined them onstage when they performed 'Gold on the Ceiling' at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

  • 24

    The Black Keys once battled Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig on 'The Colbert Report' about whose songs appeared in the most TV commercials.

  • 25

    Robert Plant is a big fan of the band and has been known to go to their gigs whenever they're in the same city.

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