More than just a passel of West Virginia boys, the Davisson Brothers Band bring the next level of Southern country to the table. Made up of real-life brothers Chris and Donnie Davisson, bassist Rus Repert and drummer Aaron Regester, the talented foursome has built a dedicated fan following in the U.S. ... and Australia. Really.

The Davisson Brothers Band released their Fighter album in May of 2018, the follow-up to their self-titled debut from all the way back in 2009; it hit No. 3 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart. Since then, it's been non-stop touring for the band; they've hopped the pond and made great friends Down Under -- perhaps because because, they say, their music, in the Davissons' words, is honest, real and full of energy.

Read on to learn more about the Davisson Brothers Band, and find out why they're four dudes you're gonna want to get to know.

For Good Ol' Boys From the U.S., They Fit in Well Overseas

One thing the Davissions Brothers Band has discovered in their travels abroad is that country fans are country fans wherever you go. Their followers in Australia aren't that much different from the ones in the American South.

"I think they relate to us. They're just like us, where we come from in West Virginia," the Davissons tell The Boot. "It was the greatest feeling ever to be on the stage with all of these kids singing your songs."

Still, Chris Davisson admits, the band's level of celebrity status in Australia took them by surprise at first.

"You wouldn't expect people to know who you are or what you're about, let alone the lyrics to your songs ... [but] they sang every song word for word," he notes. And not only did the fans know all the words, some of them had even learned the line dance from their music video for "Po' Boyz."

They Tailor Their Setlists to the Crowd

In addition to pre-show rituals including spur-of-the-moment dance parties and taking the time to vent off any non-productive energy, Chris Davisson says he and his bandmates wait to determine their setlists until they can get a feel for an audience's energy level. "I sneak in behind a curtain somewhere before I ever write a setlist and kind of scan the crowd and just get a feel for the room, feel the vibe ...," he explains.

Who are the Davisson Brothers Band
Photo by Patrick Kligel, courtesy of HBPR

They're Working on a TV Show

Yup, the guys have been working on developing a reality show. They were originally partnering with Vince Vaughn's Wild West Picture Show Productions, in fact, but they're now teamed with a company they can't yet name. The brothers promise something along the lines of the next Duck Dynasty ... but maybe with more music?

They've Got Talented Friends

Chris and Donnie Davisson are good buddies with Chris Janson. In fact, country fans might recognize them from Janson's music video for his hit song "Fix a Drink;" they're in there along with big names including Dustin LynchLoCash and Michael Ray.

A Visit to Their Hometown Is Like a Visit to Mayberry

If you ever get to Lost Creek, W.V., the Davissons say the one place you have to visit is Chamberlain's General Store (officially named DC's General Store). According to the guys, it's like stepping back in time: Just like the good ol' days, the General Store is set up with a pharmacy, a soda fountain and anything else you can imagine needing -- not to mention, a visit will come with run-ins with your friends and neighbors.

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