The job Texans are Googling more than any other state has nothing to do with oil fields or rodeos and is that of a referee, which is keeping it pretty vanilla compared to some of the other states. (Looking at you, Ohio.)

Using Google Trends, the website Zippia, outlined which jobs each state is Googling more than the others, with Texas ranking highest in searching for careers as refs, peace keepers and storm chasers. Pretty badass.

Next door in New Mexico, the most searched job is that of artist, and to our north, in Oklahoma, the residents are interested in becoming dog groomers.

While there's tons of gems on this map (Bee Keeper in Arizona and Tree Hugger in Kentucky), my personal favorite is that the fine people of North Carolina just want to be pirates. Also worth mentioning is the number of people searching out careers as strippers in Georgia and those searching for wrestling careers in Iowa (where Zippia said carny jobs came in second).

Also, huge shoutout to Ohio for searching "potato." Sounds like a pretty easy gig. A lot of napping underground, I imagine. Ya know, until you get picked and eaten. But a pretty sweet job up until then.

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