It's an understatement to say that Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons is a great football player. The dude is a beast! He's also super fast. In fact, keep reading to watch as he completely fakes out former NFL All-Pro receiver Chad Ochocinco.

I'll warn you now that the following videos do have some NSFW language in them.

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Most of us who follow football knew that Micah Parsons was a fast athlete and was probably going to be a great addition to the Cowboys. Heck, he ran the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine in 4.39 seconds. That's flying. He then went on to have one of the greatest seasons for an NFL rookie by having 13 sacks.

Parsons loves competing. It doesn't matter if it's in a game, or just racing other players to see who's the fastest. At the NFL Pro Bowl, he actually beat Tyreek Hill (arguably the fastest man in the NFL) in a race. Granted, Hill clearly gave up in the middle of the race, but Parsons still beat Nick Chubb and even his own teammate Trevon Diggs.

Now fast forward to July, 8th, 2022 when
Parsons lined up against former NFL standoutMicah's Instagram accountAgain, some NSFW language is used in the video.  

Granted, Ochocinco is well past his prime at 44 years old. But we're talking about a receiver who was one of the fastest in the NFL and can still run pretty fast. Regardless, Parsons destroyed Ochocinco. It wasn't even close.

This is just more proof of the level of talent that Parson possesses. And, just one more reason why I think he will become one of the greatest pass rushers in Dallas Cowboys history.

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