Remember back to the summer of '21, Cody Johnson and the boys were back for back-to-back nights at The Ryman in Nashville, TN? It was an epic two night stand.

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This video of Johnson performing "How Great They Art," is officially inside of of my top 10 best CoJo performances. Amazing. Shoutout YouTuber Taylor Hendrix for getting this up for all of us.

In February of '20, during a break from touring with Miranda Lambert, we got the chance to catch up with our ol' pal Cody Johnson. At the time, man, 2020 was teed up to be a huge year for the Texas native.

If you hadn't heard, toward the end of 2019 word started getting out that "The Great 20th Century Cody Johnson Song Search" was underway, remember hearing about that? Cody and his team set out to find songs that had been written in the '90s.

"We specifically asked for songs that were written pre-2000," Johnson told us. "I wanted stuff that other artist wouldn't cut because [they thought] it couldn't work on country radio... There are a million songwriters I could name right now that stopped getting hits after the '80s and '90s because they couldn't adapt to [writing the new] type of country music."


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