Is there anything Trisha Yearwood can't do? She has the voice of an angel; is a member of the Grand Ole Opry and has built a noteworthy country music career; and has authored cookbooks and is an award-winning cooking show host.

While Yearwood's repertoire of music videos isn't as vast as some country artists', it is packed with memorable clips. The following five videos include a few notable actors, the singer in her country music debut, some gorgeous Spanish scenery and more.

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    "I'll Still Love You More"

    While not outright sensual, Yearwood's "I'll Still Love You More" music video is one that will get your attention. Why, you ask? One word: abs -- but not the singer's. A mysterious shirtless man interacts with Yearwood during the music video, and his abs would make any Hollywood personal trainer green with envy. His washboard stomach, paired with Yearwood's intense gaze at the camera, have us pushing replay more than once. This is one of Yearwood's sauciest music videos, making it stand out from the crowd.

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    "I Would've Loved You Anyway"

    Wearing a form-fitting red dress, Yearwood is as stunning as the scenery in the music video for "I Would've Loved You Anyway." It was filmed in Spain, and the awe-inducing views and architecture steal the show with their breathtaking beauty. Even though the song is, at its core, a sad song, viewers can't help but feel inspiration (and wanderlust) after watching this beautiful clip.

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    "This Is Me You're Talking To"

    "This Is Me You're Talking To" was released in 2008 and features actor John Corbett, who plays a music conductor -- and Yearwood's former lover -- in the clip. There are two storylines happening: one is on a television screen, and one is between Corbett and Yearwood ... and both are emotional. This music video holds an interesting concept and puts a visual to the awkward, nerve-wracking, sometimes painful emotions that happen when you run into an ex.

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    "She's in Love With the Boy"

    With over 5 million views on YouTube, Yearwood's "She's in Love With the Boy" music video is clearly her most popular, and it's easy to see why. The song, her debut single and first No. 1, is an anthem for every girl who had a significant other of whom her parents didn't approve. "She's in Love With the Boy" was the 1990s' version of Taylor Swift's "Love Story," and the music video, featuring a young Yearwood (she was 26 years old at the time) captured fans' hearts as much as the song did. And did we mention there are farm animals whose movements are synchronized with the song?

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    "Walkaway Joe"

    What do Yearwood, Don Henley of the Eagles and actor Matthew McConaughey have in common? They all appear in the "Walkaway Joe" music video, which was released just before the actor had his breakout role in Dazed and Confused. "Walkaway Joe" was the second single from Yearwood's Hearts in Armor album, and Henley provided backup vocals on the track. Little did country fans know that the dimpled and handsome lead in the music video would go on to steal millions of hearts and earn a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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