With his high-grossing tours and No. 1 songs — and a gorgeous superstar wife to boot — Tim McGraw has proven himself to be a country staple.

Hit songs like "Not a Moment Too Soon," "Where the Green Grass Grows," "My Best Friend" and "Just to See You Smile" made him a standout artist to fans, and ever since his debut in country music, McGraw has been a force to be reckoned with. The well-rounded country star has released music videos for his hits year after year, and though it was difficult, we picked our five favorite Tim McGraw videos (and, yes, two of them include Faith Hill because Tim plus Faith always equals perfection).

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    "Indian Outlaw"

    "Indian Outlaw" was a big deal in McGraw's career. It was the first single from Not a Moment Too Soon and became his first Top 40 country hit after it was released in January 1994. Directed by Sherman Halsey, this video shows McGraw in all of his '90s glory: The long hair. The mustache. The crazy clothes. It's the country singer 20 years ago, and his performance in this music video is one of our favorites.

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    "It's Your Love"

    Is there anything country fans love more than a duet between McGraw and Hill? We think not. There's a reason the "It's Your Love" music video won Video of the Year at the 1998 ACM Awards: The Sherman Hasley-directed clip showcases both artists dressed to the nines, but it also features someone else important -- their first child, Gracie! if you can't tell from her flowing dress, Hill was pregnant at the time of filming, and it makes this romance-filled video that much sweeter.

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    "Highway Don't Care"

    With his "Highway Don't Care" music video, McGraw delivers an extremely important PSA: Don't text and drive. Almost 20 million views later, his message hopefully affected a slew of fans who think that a simple text while behind the wheel won't make a difference. The music video, directed by Shane Drake and released in May 2013, was made in partnership with Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The video's plot shows a young girl, crying and upset, who gets into an accident after being distracted by her phone. Taylor Swift and Keith Urban's appearances make this a star-heavy video, but McGraw's role as a doctor is the most surprising of all.

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    "Live Like You Were Dying"

    "Live Like You Were Dying" is one of McGraw's biggest hits; it reached No. 1 on the Billboard country charts, was named as the No. 1 country song in 2004 by Billboard and won big at both the CMA and ACM Awards. Directed by Sherman Halsey, the music video mostly features McGraw singing in an infinity cove with video clips of a couple interspersed throughout. It is simple and smart, letting the song's message speak for itself.

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    "Meanwhile, Back at Mama's"

    "Meanwhile Back at Mama's" is a gorgeous song with an even more stunning music video, if that's even possible. It shows McGraw and Hill in their element on their farm and is a love-filled, sun-drenched, peaceful kind of video that begs to be watched over and over. The juxtaposition between their glamorous onstage life and their simple country life of holding hands, worn-in jeans and lots of cuddling is so apparent -- and shows that while they're country stars in the spotlight, they're regular people at home. It makes us love them that much more ... and yearn for a home in the country (preferably with McGraw and Hill as neighbors).

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