Music videos from Miranda Lambert are always a surprise. The entertainer can be incredibly sassy, showy and crazy -- or she can be introspective and emotional. You never know what you're going to get, but one thing's for sure: You will always be glued to the screen.

Lambert has revealed a slew of music videos throughout the years, but the five on this list stand out in our minds as her best work. They range from the very beginnings of her career to more recent offerings, and they cover a wide range of topics, from death to nostalgia, humor to sass and everything in between.

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    "New Strings"

    Sure, it's not the flashiest video Lambert has ever done, but "New Strings," from her 2005 debut album Kerosene, depicts the singer just as her star was rising. Part of the footage takes place in a stunning field of yellow flowers, Lambert looking casual with her acoustic guitar and blue jeans, while the other half shows her leading the glamorous life of a promising country singer. She loads up on her tour bus, gets dolled up by makeup artists and looks like she's having the time of her life. This video gives an uncanny look at Lambert as a simple country girl while also foreshadowing what was to come: her turning into one of the biggest country stars in the industry.

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    "Over You"

    Devoted country fans know the story behind "Over You." From Lambert's Four the Record album, the track was written by Lambert and her then-husband, Blake Shelton, and it hits home in the deepest sense. "Over You" was heavily inspired by Shelton's older brother being killed in a car accident when the country singer was only a teenager -- a topic that's personal and heavy, one that demands a poignant and somber music video. The clip for "Over You" was shot during the stark days of January and February, and it depicts Lambert walking through a cemetery while grieving. She isn't afraid to wear her emotions on her sleeve during the video, and director Trey Fanjoy did an excellent job of creating a brilliant story line for the video while still letting the lyrics do most of the talking.

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    "Somethin' Bad"

    The pairing of Lambert and Carrie Underwood on "Somethin' Bad" is genius. And the music video that followed the single turned out to be a fan favorite, just like the hit song. Two gorgeous country superstars, lots of blonde hair, long legs and some sneaky business combine into a 100-percent fun video, shot to look like a film trailer. The "Somethin' Bad" video features Lambert as Belle Boyd and Underwood as Priscilla Parker. Together, they are a pair of accomplished thieves, and they play poker, ride motorcycles and are the stealthiest thieves ever. The clip racked up almost 26 million views in just seven months, proving that country fans agree that this video is definitely somethin' good.

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    "The House That Built Me"

    "The House That Built Me" video premiered in 2010 as the perfect visual accompaniment to the simple, nostalgia-driven song. Directed by Trey Fanjoy, the clip has garnered over 16 million views, captivating fans with its simple representation of a well-loved song. It's a video that Lambert admits is "really obvious," but it needed to be that way.

    "There's no drama in the video," she says. "It just is what it is. It represents the song in such a great way."

    From the moment Lambert's tour bus pulls up to the simple home (which is not her actual childhood home, but looks very similar), through flashbacks of actual footage from Lambert's childhood and intimate shots of the singer wandering through the house, this video stands out as one of her most touching. There's nothing overdone, but it's relevant enough to watch again and again ... and again.

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    "Mama's Broken Heart"

    Lambert gets all kinds of crazy in the "Mama's Broken Heart" video, and it's definitely one of the most entertaining music videos we've seen from her. The beginning depicts her as a perfect Stepford wife -- immaculate makeup, pristine designer clothing and a massive house filled with stunning decor. But once the door closes, girl lets loose. She pops pills with a swig of scotch, lets mascara smear across her face and gives a physical representation of how a broken heart feels: reckless, angry, disheveled and unstable. But when she's outside the safety of her bedroom doors, she saves face and looks fabulous once again. Although the topic is socially relevant (and sad), the music video manages to be highly entertaining and hilarious. Its relateability and entertainment factor are what propel "Mama's Broken Heart" to the top of this list.

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