Thomas Rhett may have songwriting genes running through his veins, but he's created a musical style all his own, making a mark on the genre that seamlessly blends elements of R&B and pop with distinctly country roots.

The king of catchy hooks, Rhett's songs have made it to the top of the charts time and time again. As at home singing a ballad as he is on an upbeat, R&B-flavored dance track, Rhett can crank out a memorable song like few others can. As the years have gone on, he's also developed a reputation as a master of nostalgia: Rhett has an undeniable knack for crafting a lyric that can call to mind an old memory.

Rhett's subject matter is often autobiographical. He writes about life with his wife, Lauren Akins and their growing family, even calling two of his daughters by name in his hit song, "Life Changes." The more Rhett started writing about the specifics of his family life, the more fans have related to his lyrics, and applied them to their own lives.

Read on for our list of Thomas Rhett's 20 best songs — so far:

Thomas Rhett's Best Songs Tell His Story - See the Top 20

Thomas Rhett has released some unforgettable songs over his career. Here are 20 of our favorites.

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