Howdy. I’m new here.

As a digital managing editor for Townsquare Abilene, my primary responsibilities entail editing the online content written by our local Abilene DJs - also known as “content contributors” - and managing the content flowing in and out of our station sites.

Yes, that’s right, these guys talk and write. They tell stories. They are the original influencers. I’m here to help them fine-tune and whittle the content they produce. I have other duties around here too, but “digital managing editor” truly does encompass most of my tasks.

Our four FM sister stations at Townsquare Abilene are The Ranch (Texas Red Dirt), KEAN (Country), Rock 108 (Rock), and KOOL (Classic 80s Hits). For those of you who prefer talk radio, our AM is KYYW.

As I’ve been editing our contributors’ work these past few months, I’ve envied their writing outlets. FYI, these guys put out 1-2 stories at about 300 words each, every day. It is no small feat drumming up that many written words every single day, especially along with all the programming and broadcasting they do. The cool part is they have the freedom to write about and share matters that interest, intrigue, and compel them.

That sort of opportunity, coupled with my love of writing, got me wanting to share my own thoughts on the state of the world. Or at least my thoughts on who I am as mom if I let my 16yo hop out of the car into the middle of a five-lane road at night to retrieve a pumpkin that’s rolled off the back of a trailer (free gourds, people). I’ll be sharing some of my favorite sky pics too.

So hi. It’s me, Jana. Another Texan with a few stories.

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