The Texas Rose Festival is held in Tyler, Texas every October. The history of the festival reaches back to 1933 and celebrates the rose and the impact the industry has on the town. There are parades, luncheons, ceremonies, seminars and the crowning of the newest Rose QueenThis year marks the 82nd annual Rose Festival in Tyler and will be celebrated October 15th-18th. A little history on why Tyler celebrates the rose. Over 50% of all the roses in the country are from Tyler. Who new Texas was such a rich environment for roses?

Tyler boasts a Rose Museum that showcases the history and traditions of the Rose Festival. It was opened in 1992 and is a major tourist attraction for Tyler.

The Tyler Municipal Rose Garden is the nations largest rose garden. There are over 35,000 rose bushes that cover 14 acres and 500 different varieties. It is open for the public to visit. There are walkways and reflecting pools to enhance your visit as you look and smell these beautiful roses.It also serves as the backdrop for the 'Queen's Tea' during festival time. The community is invited to the garden for refreshments and a chance to meet the Queen and her royal court.

The facility is not just a pretty garden though, it is also a research facility. They conduct intensive research on diseases and ways to create new and more beautiful varieties of roses.

The festival would be an ideal getaway to a beautiful part of Texas and made even more beautiful with the thousands of blooming roses. Plus, there is fun for everyone (not just gardeners) with parades, garden teas, exhibitions, seminars, luncheons, arts & craft shows, and more.

Watch a Texas Rose Festival Promo of Past Events Here


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