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When I first wrote about the "No Trespassing Purple Paint Law in Texas" theTexas legislators were still "refining and defining" the bill. When it was first introduced it was simple. Paint the post purple and put a sign right next to it that reads No Trespassing.

Today, the no trespassing sign is not necessary if the fence posts are painted purple. The paint must cover at least eight inches and must be clearly visible. While metal T-posts are painted white on top for visibility purposes, they too can be painted "no trespassing purple" and will serve as a no trespassing sign.

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A few things that have been added or updated are the consequences for violating the no trespassing warnings. The warning does not have to be verbal or written it can simply be the painted purple posts in clear view. As most game wardens and sheriff's deputies have always told me "not knowing of the laws is no excuse, learn them and respect them."

Trespassers can be held criminally liable for entering a property without the permission of the owner. If you are caught trespassing and refuse to leave the punishments are different depending on the circumstances.

For example, if you're caught trespassing punishment can be a class-C misdemeanor with up to a $2,000 dollar fine and up to 180 days in jail. However, if you are caught trespassing with a rifle or shotgun the offense is considered a Class A misdemeanor and can result in a $4,000 dollar fine, possible forfeiture of your firearm, and up to one year in jail.

So if you're hiking, going for a walk, hiking, hunting, or fishing in the Lonestar State, know where you can and cannot go. Because in Texas, trespassers can be shot according to the "Castle Law." The video below shows you the exact shade of purple to look for.

Texas Purple Paint no Trespassing Law:
Purple paint marks, according to the law, must be vertical and at least 8 inches long and at least 1 inch wide. Also, the law states that purple paint must be “placed so that the bottom of the mark is not less than 3 feet from the ground or more than 5 feet from the ground.“

Finally, if purple marks are used, they must be placed every 100 feet on forest land and every 1,000 feet on all other lands. Forest land is a property where trees are suitable for timber products.

The purple fence post law in Texas is enforceable by any licensed peace officer, such as sheriff’s deputies, police officers, and game wardens. The law exempts firefighters and medics from responding to emergencies on the property.Source:US Law Shield

So, if you run across this color of purple paint on a fence or a tree, do not cross it or you could get charged with criminal trespass. Besides you can stay up-to-date on Texas No Trespassing Laws here Sec. 30.05. CRIMINAL TRESPASS.

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