Walmart employees on Hwy. 31 in Corsicana were shocked to learn that a local teenager had been living among their shelves in their store for four days. He wasn't playing a simple game of hide-and-seek, he made a couple of different shelters in the store, one of them was in the baby goods department behind the boxes of cribs and strollers.

Officials said the teen had a makeshift bed and would often change clothes that he had taken from the store so he wouldn't be recognized. He had another "shelter" built behind the paper towels so that he could get to the juice in the other aisle. In addition, he ate food from the stores' shelves and instead of going to the bathroom, he used diapers so he wouldn't be seen going to the bathroom often. He even went as far as bringing a fish from the pet department to his new residence as his pet.

Store employees at the 24-hour Corsicana Walmart were finally tipped off to the boy living in their store by a trail of trash. Corsicana police were called out on the 14-year-old boy after he was discovered and was later turned him over to his relatives. Central Texas CPS was never notified about this situation and at this time, Walmart does not plan on filing charges against the teenager.

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