Taylor Swift is accustomed to fans asking her on dates or boldly requesting to accompany her to major events, like the Grammys or the VMAs. But now, the actor who plays her ex-boyfriend in the ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ video has asked to accompany his co-star to the VMAs this Thursday, Sept. 6. He even resorted to begging! Hey, everyone knows the VMAs are one hot ticket.

Actor/model Noah Mills — who some say looks like Swift’s ex Jake Gyllenhaal — is so jazzed up about getting into the VMAs that he offered his services to help his co-star. We think it’s futile, Noah, since the video version of Taylor did say they’d never ever be getting back together.

“Taylor, I’m sorry. I know you said never ever, never ever, never ever, but maybe I should come and hang out at the VMAs a little bit,” Mills said, speaking to the 22-year-old superstar via MTV. “I should be there for your performance at the VMAs and [to offer] moral support. I got nothin’ better to do so please invite me.”

How could she say no to that groveling plea? Mills also dished about working with Swift on the ‘WANEGBT’ video set, saying that she and director Declan Whitebloom, with whom she has previously worked, “very much have this [shorthand]. They like to keep it light and jokey. It’s really smart, really witty and really quick.”

As for Swift’s VMAs date, somehow we think she’ll be bringing her boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, along for the red carpet fun. The 2012 Video Music Awards air on MTV on Sept. 6 at 8PM ET.

Watch Taylor Swift’s ‘WANEGBT’ Co-Star Beg to Be Invited to VMAs

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