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The Abilene Zoo has just released its master plan for the next ten years. The Abilene Zoo will grow from its current 16 acres to an additional 22 acres. Zoo officials are thrilled to share the photos of the "10 Year Master Plan." The additional growth will develop the additional 22-acre tract in a four-phase project.

The new expansion plan includes a two-story beautiful, scenic café, a fun downed-airplane lions display where children and adults alike can interact with the lions, a meerkat exhibit area, and a raised, scenic boardwalk area that will make for great photo-taking, and an event lawn complete with a professional performance stage.

In Phase One a full service, two-story restaurant with a view of the Zoo will be added

The just-released 2022 master plan is divided into four different phases and includes an artist rendering of what the expansion might look like. The first phase will feature a full-service restaurant with stunning views of the all-new African lion habitat and exhibits, and the newly added meerkat exhibit as well.

Phase one will also include a redesigned updated rhino habitat plus adding space allowing for the growth of four other endangered species. Moving on to phase #2 through 4 of the master plan includes the addition of the event area and stage, and the new raised boardwalk, providing wild views of new multi-species habitats, accessible playscapes for young and old alike, and the new full-size train that will tour the nearly 38-acre Abilene Zoo.

Look At What The New Abilene Zoo Will Look Like Soon!

The 10-year plan does include a collection of never before seen animals at the Abilene Zoo, such as pygmy hippopotamus, wild cheetahs, and more.

Abilene Zoo Director Jesse Pottebaum says “we are adding new species and redesigning our current facilities helping to welcome a new era at the Abilene Zoo. We not only want to provide a world-class habitat for the animals but we want to deepen our commitment to educating the community about these amazing species and habitats around the globe the call they call home. In one of our latest phases, we have an all-new education building plan, which will expand our programming capacity and our community reach.” Source: Abilene Zoo Press Release 5-4-2022

While the actual cost of this master plan is not being released at this time, The Zoo Director says "it’s an investment in Abilene's Zoo history, as this project will add jobs economic growth, and a new identity to an already must-see Abilene attraction."

As the Abilene zoo grows everyone is invited to come to attend and take in the sights. You’ll notice in the photos above how wide open the Abilene Zoo will be then. I can hardly wait!

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