Stoney LaRue has been one of the most dominant forces in the Texas / Red Dirt scene for two decades. But now more than ever, with concerts and festivals on hiatus, fans are hankering for live music.

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Enter Stoney. For the past two years LaRue has been recording live performances, with a plan to release a live album series at some point. Well, thanks to a global pandemic some point is now. Volume 1 of his live album series, Kickin’ It LIVE From The Road, is out now.

The album is currently only available to download on Stoney’s website. Beginning this summer you'll be able to purchase physical copies, as well as stream it on Spotify, and Apple Music.

Track Listing:

Hill Country Boogaloo
Bluebird Wine
Golden Shackles
Us Time
You Oughta Know Me
One Chord Song
Feet Don’t Touch The Ground
Look At Me Fly
Oklahoma Breakdown


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