This Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks will host the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, with a a berth in the Super Bowl at stake. But if you're a 49ers fan (or even a Seahawks fan) living in California, the Seahawks won't sell you a ticket to the game!According to a notice on the team's official website, the team is making tickets to next Sunday's game available only to fans with billing addresses in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Manitoba.

No reason for the policy was given on the Seahawks' website, although it's definitely worth noting the Seahawks and 49ers own one of the NFL's fiercest rivalries and this may be a way for Seattle to maintain a home-field advantage.

According to, the move is an to attempt to get more tickets into the hands of Seahawks fans and prevent scalping.

The Denver Broncos have implemented a similar policy for the AFC Championship game against New England.

The Denver Broncos are limiting sales of tickets to the AFC Championship Game only to fans with billing addresses in the Rocky Mountain region. This includes the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota and western Kansas.

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