Southern drawls go hand in hand with country music; fans don't think twice about hearing artists drop a "y'all" or two into conversation. So to hear a country artist with a British accent is ... well, unexpected. But UK country artist Sasha McVeigh brings not only a lovely accent, but also a whole lot of spunk and huge talent in singing and songwriting, to the table.

McVeigh began singing in shopping carts (or, rather, trolleys) when she was just a toddler; a couple of decades later, she's still at it, minus the shopping carts. She fell in love with country music because her dad danced her around the living room to CMT, and in 2012, McVeigh traveled to Nashville. After booking shows at venues such as Tootsies Orchid Lounge, the Rutledge and the Bluebird Cafe, it was clear that she had something special.

McVeigh released her Kickstarter-funded debut album, I Stand Alone, in June of 2015, and her debut single was "When I'm Over You." Her nearly constant touring schedule has exposed her to fans across the United States, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom; she's graced the stage at summer festivals such as Country Jam, the Taste of Country Music Festival and Country Stampede.

For five more facts about McVeigh, click through the photo gallery above. Readers will learn about her favorite '90s television show, her candy bar weakness, her favorite artists and more.

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