In March of 2018, country star Russell Dickerson was facing an excellent problem to have: He was getting ready to head overseas, to both the UK and Australia, and between the many shows in different regions he had scheduled and the handful of tourist activities he had planned for his days off, he wasn't sure how to pack for the multitude of various experiences that lay ahead.

"London was freezing and raining, but later in the trip, we're gonna be out on a beach," he told The Boot with a laugh while waiting for a flight to Australia in the middle of his international run.

Although he'd never been to Australia, Dickerson found a sizable fan base in attendance at his international dates; while the "Yours" singer may be a relative newcomer, he quickly gained traction as a highlight for many audiences, who connected to his passion and energy onstage. Those fans will get to see more of Dickerson this fall, too: He'll be returning to Europe as part of Darius Rucker's Fall 2018 UK trek, which will kick off on Oct. 21 in Birmingham, England.

"All these fans that we just got to meet and hang out with, we're gonna get to come back and reconnect with them and do it all again," Dickerson says. "We got to headline a festival called Nashville Meets London in 2017, and it was crazy to see how so many people were already aware of the music. People already knew my songs almost a year ago ... and a lot of people at [the shows this year] were like, 'Hey, we're going to be here for Darius in October, too.' We're just gonna keep building and building, and spreading the word."

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