Several country music artists released music videos during the second half of November, and they cover quite a range: animated Tex-Mex food, the Wild West, a 1940s USO dance and more. Read on to see new videos from Kellie Pickler and Phil Vassar, Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, Earl Dibbles Jr. (aka Granger Smith) and others.

Runaway June, "Wild West"

Naomi Cooke, Hannah Mulholland and Jennifer Wayne of country trio Runaway June transport fans to Santa Fe, N.M., in their "Wild West" music video. Traci Goudie and John Murphy directed the story, which goes back in time to the Wild West period, of a young and in-love couple, a few outlaws, drama and the heroic way Runaway June save the day. The band's performance of the romantic mid-tempo song is interspersed throughout the clip.

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, "Santa Fe"

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers' "Santa Fe" music video, directed by Fantoon’s David Calcano, may make you hungry. The clip tells the story of a long-distance relationship ... between a taco and a sack of French fries. Every character is a form of Tex-Mex food, even the band. Watch the clip to see how they persevere in their love for one another, and grab some queso, too.

Kellie Pickler and Phil Vassar, "The Naughty List"

"The Naughty List" from Kellie Pickler and Phil Vassar is bound to put you in a festive mood. It recreates a 1940s USO holiday party: Pickler and Vassar act as the band, and swing dancers are on the floor as well as servicemen and -women from Fort Campbell USO.

“I love the theme of the video,” Vassar says. He adds in a press release, "Given that Kellie and I are both avid supporters of the USO and our military, it was fun to recreate and salute one of the greatest eras in American history. Kellie is such an amazing talent and entertainer ..."

Pickler adds, “Phil and I had such a fun time both recording and shooting the music video for "The Naughty List." The swing dancers and a few of our finest servicemen and women from Ft. Campbell acting as extras in the video really made it special for me."

Meghan Linsey, "Mr. Homewrecker" 

Meghan Linsey's music video for "Mr. Homewrecker" takes place in one location: the bathtub. The singer doesn't hold back as she gives an emotive performance of the heartbreak song, and the result is raw, intimate and relatable.

"Jeremy and I worked together to create this video,” Linsey says of director Jeremy Ryan. “We both agreed that it should be super simple and gritty. I wanted it to feel like you were watching someone on the worst day of their life having a breakdown in the bathroom. I particularly love the end when my character wiped the mascara from under her eyes and gets back up. I feel like women will really be able to relate to the symbolism."

Hailee Steinfeld, Florida Georgia Line, Alesso and Watt, "Let Me Go"

Florida Georgia Line contributed to Hailee Steinfeld's "Let Me Go," which also features Alessa and guitarist / producer Watt, and the music video was recently released. The clip features Steinfeld and her romantic partner -- whom she's urging to let her go -- with much of it filmed in the mountains. The guys of FGL appear approximately halfway through the music video, wearing plaid and surrounded by the great outdoors. The duo, along with Steinfeld, Alesso and Watt, performed the cross-genre song at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, Calif., in mid-November.

Earl Dibbles Jr., "Don’t Tread on Me"

Earl Dibbles Jr., aka alter-ego of Granger Smith, is back. And this time, in the "Don't Tread on Me" music video, he's taking on a couple of black-suited, sunglasses-clad, slick-and-serious city guys while wearing his trademark overalls. In the song, he rants and raves about the Second Amendment and land rights, with lyrics such as "Man from the city tryin' to take my rifle / But there's somethin' that he needs to understand / Second Amendment's only second to the Bible / He'll have to pull it out of my dead hands."

Of Dibbles Jr., Smith tells Taste of Country, "The Second Amendment thing, he just goes crazy with the Second Amendment. And you know, I am a gun owner and a concealed handgun owner, but I don’t walk around preaching it every day, but Earl can. That’s kind of his thing. I love that about Earl."

Aaron Watson, “Outta Style”

Aaron Watson's "Outta Style" is a live performance music video, the perfect choice for the high-energy song; sometimes, simple is best. It showcases his electrifying performance at RodeoHouston, where he played for more than 50,000 people -- definitely a highlight in his career. Plus, it was the first time a live DVD / CD was recorded at the rodeo since George Strait did it in 2001.

"Growing up, every summer, we would come see my grandmother, and my whole family and I would go across the parking lot to watch the [Houston] Astros play at the Dome, so a lot of my dreams just started in the Astrodome," Watson tells The Boot. "I remember walking into the Dome and that green turf just glowing, so I always dreamed that I could get to play for Houston, but I was thinking shortstop. Tonight, I get to play for Houston, but with country music."

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