Sometimes it's just nice to chill out at the house and not have to do anything at all. That includes not having to cook. So, whether you want to feed all the kids with pizza, eat Chinese food, or chow down on a hamburger, here are some restaurants in Abilene that will deliver to you.

  • Little Italy

    1417 South Danville

    Phone Number: 325-692-8117

    Little Italy offers a variety of Italian food like classic or baked pastas as well as pizzas, subs, salads, soups and seafood.

  • Little Panda

    If you like Chinese food, Little Panda offers everything from pork, chicken, beef or seafood entrees at affordable prices.

    Little Panda has two locations in Abilene

    3390 Rebecca Lane - 325-695-9933

    1035 North Judge Ely - 325-670-9393

  • Jason's Deli

    Jason's Deli offers a variety of sandwiches as well as fresh fruit, salads, healthy choice foods and more.

    There are two locations in Abilene

    3490 Catclaw Drive - 325-692-1975

    1772 Texas 351 - 325-672-4232


  • Dante's Pizza

    4310 Buffalo Gap Road

    Phone Number: 325-692-1599

    Located in the Mall of Abilene, Dante's offers up pizza, pasta, gyro sandwiches and more.

  • Enchilada Express

    3134 E. South 27th

    Phone Number: 325-232-8682

    Enchilada Express offers up a variety of Mexican cuisine including enchiladas, fresh tacos, burritos, soups, salads and more.

  • Texas Steak Express

    5217 Highway 277

    Phone Number: 325-793-2828

    If you want steaks, hamburgers, shrimp or grilled chicken, Texas Steak Express has you covered. They are also known for their excellent 'southern sweet tea'.

  • Jimmy Johns

    4213 Southwest Drive

    Phone Number: 325-793-9900

    Jimmy Johns specializes in several types of sandwiches.

  • Black Box Pizza

    100 Louisanna Road - Dyess Air Force Base

    Phone Number: 325-692-5555

    Black Box Pizza, located on Dyess Air Force Base, offers gourmet pizza, pizza rolls, calzones, salads, wings and desserts.

  • Papa John's Pizza

    3900 North 1st

    Phone Number: 325-677-3434

    Papa John's offers a variety of pizzas, wings and breadsticks.

  • Pizza Hut

    Pizza Hut offers pizza, pasta, salad and breadsticks.

    There are 4 Pizza Hut locations in Abilene

    550 E. Ambler - 325-676-1892

    2750 South 14th - 325-692-9328

    4303 South Clack - 325-695-3770

    3533 North 1st - 325-672-2722

  • Dominos Pizza

    Dominos offers pizza, pasta, wings, breadsticks and more.

    Two locations in Abilene

    1125 E. North 10th - 325-677-3030

    1806 South Clack - 325-695-3030


  • Pizza Inn

    4130 Ridgemont Drive

    Phone Number: 325-695-5656

    Pizza Inn offers pizza, pasta, salads, dessert pizzas and more.

  • Betty Rose's Little Brisket

    If your craving brisket, ribs, ham, sausage and other BBQ, Betty Rose's can deliver it to you.

    There are two locations in Abilene

    1055 North Judge Ely - 325-672-3500

    3362 Rebecca Lane - 325-698-8000


  • Mr. Gatti's Pizza

    2665 Buffalo Gap Road

    Phone Number: 325-692-6326

    Whether it's a gourmet style pizza, or if you just want to build your own, Mr. Gatti's has you covered.

  • Arrowhead Delivery Service

    Abilene now has a delivery service that will deliver from your favorite Abilene restaurants. Arrowhead Delivery Service will deliver to homes, businesses, hospitals, colleges and more. Anywhere you want food, they can take it there for ony $5.00. And, there is no minimum or maximum order. Orders can be placed online, or you can call 325-704-5000. More details with the link below.

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