This years West Texas Rehabilitation Center’s telethon auction is said to the be one of the largest, because of the sheer number of items that were donated for the auction. According to Dan Huggins the director of donor relations for the Rehab Center, the total number of items donated thus far are 480 and the number continues to grow even as the telethon starts airing. The total for the items donated is estimated to be worth over $475,000 in retail value.


In this years auction, there’s over 100 handmade quilts. Huggins says the most unique item in his opinion, is the 1899 gold coin, the most extravagant item is the Tige’ Boat valued at over $50,000, the wildest item on his list is the African Safari and the most popular item up for grabs is the famed Rudy-Cruise to Belize, Roatan and Cozumel with yours truly or, as Huggins puts it, “Abilene’s #2 radio deejay in Abilene Rudy Fearless Fernandez”, Huggins said that for an extra donation to the Rehab, the #1 radio radio deejay, namely Dan Huggins himself, could be available to cruise as the guest of the winning bidder. Huggins offers his advise for this years auction, “You should bid high and bid often because it’s all for a great organization the West Texas Rehab Center”.


Online registration  can be done at  the Rehab auction website. The bidding will continue through midnight January 21st.




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