Fourteen years after making her Disney Channel debut in 2003, and a decade after her hit series, That's So Raven, went off the air, Raven-Symone is coming home—literally!

The debut trailer for Raven's Home, the spinoff to Disney's show about a teenage girl with psychic abilities, was released on Friday, offering a glimpse into the future of the new series.

"I'm Raven and this is my home. These are my twin babies, Booker and Mia, and things have gotten even crazier since my best friend, Chelsea, and her kid, Levi, moved in," Raven, now a single mom living on her own, narrates in the clip.

"Day by day, drama by drama, dance party by dance party, we're doing our best to get by and get along. Sure, I can see the future, but I never saw all this coming," she continues.

The actress first announced the spinoff back in October 2016, after revealing she would be leaving her guest spot on The View to return to Disney.

Raven's Home premieres Friday, July 21 at 10 p.m. EST on Disney Channel.

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