As she sets out in her solo career, former Gloriana member Rachel Reinert is taking influence from a wide variety of styles, time periods and genres of music. From David Allen Coe to Alanis Morissette, Reinert says she's learned something from all different genres of songwriters and performers.

Reinert's education in modern pop-country music began with Shania Twain, which is why readers will find the country legend well-represented on the playlist that Reinert created for The Boot. "[That was in] the late '90s, when the women dominated. I loved the Dixie Chicks and Faith Hill, but I absolutely worshiped Shania Twain," Reinert recalls.

"Shania has been a rule-breaker, a genre-bender and fiercely feminine -- which was so unprecedented at the time," the artist adds. "And though my sound is quite different than Shania's, I've been incredibly inspired by what she has created / represented and try to embody that same confidence and fearlessness when it comes to my own sound and image."

While legendary pop group Fleetwood Mac originally hail from London, England, over the years, they have embodied the same surf-inflected California rock sound that inspires Reinert's solo music. The group's 1977 hit "Dreams" remains one of Reinert's all-time favorite songs.

""Dreams" is one of those songs that makes me feel like I'm in the right place at the right time whenever it comes on," she explains. "I have been obsessed with harmonies ever since I was a child, and I learned so much about harmonizing from Fleetwood Mac."

While Reinert took cues on harmonization from Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood and company, she learned stripped-down, simple melodies by listening to Neil Young's "Harvest Moon."

"From the simplicity in the recording, to the imagery in the lyrics, to that gorgeous melody, you can't help but just feel at peace when you hear this song," Reinert gushes. "It was one of the first references that I kept turning to when I began writing for my solo project."

Reinert's forthcoming solo debut album will feature her new single, "Dark Star." Readers can press play below to listen to the full playlist of songs that inspired her new music.

Hear Rachel Reinert's Playlist

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