Rachel Reinert is a solo artist these days, but in 2009, she was a member of a then-new country quartet named Gloriana. The singer and her bandmates, Cheyenne Kimball (who left the group in 2011, before the release of their sophomore album) and brothers Mike and Tom Gossin, dropped their debut single, "Wild at Heart," in February of 2009 and headed out on a radio tour.

Reinert and her Gloriana bandmates were on the road when they heard themselves on the radio for the first time -- and, she recalls, it was (unsurprisingly) a big moment. Read on for the full story.

I was in San Jose, [Calif.], on my very first radio tour with Gloriana ... It was 2009, and we were working our first single, “Wild at Heart.”

All of us had piled into our van to drive to our next meeting when our label representative turned the radio to the country station, KRTY, and it immediately came on. It was so surreal; everyone just started screaming and laughing and crying (tears of joy). I remember all of us being so excited and happy. We had been on that radio tour for a few weeks and never got to organically catch it on the air, so it was a super-special moment.

It’s crazy to think that was almost 10 years ago, so it’s a little bit hazy for me with all of the details, but I’ll never forget that feeling. It’s still one of the best experiences to catch one of your songs on the radio; for me, it never gets old, and I always cherish those moments.

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