Kisha Young, a mother from Crowley, Texas, is in jail now after allegedly driving home from a pool party intoxicated. But wait, this gets worse! Not only did she drive home drunk, but police said she drove with 6 kids on top of her car.

Four of the kids were Young's children, the two other kids belonged to a friend, police said. Kisha didn't want the kids to ride inside the car because she was afraid that their wet swimsuits were going to ruin her upholstery. Kisha then asked the kids to sit on the hood and roof of her Chevy Malibu for the ride back home from the pool party. Kisha and the mother of the other two kids were inside the car as they watched their kids hang on for the ride.

Witnesses in the neighborhood were scared for the kids as they watched Young driving with the kids on the outside of the vehicle. Young took a sharp turn down one of the streets and four of the children were flung from the car! With no clue what had happened, the mother kept on driving to her home.

One child was seriously injured and taken by helicopter to a hospital to be treated for serious head trauma. Crowley police said Kisha failed a field sobriety test and was arrested on intoxication assault, a third-degree felony. There will also be charges pressed against the other mother who was involved.


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