Pictures taken by a Dallas photographer of the officer who protected him during the recent Dallas protest shooting have gone viral.

Robert Moore was shooting pictures of the protest in Dallas when shots first rang out. Moore ran for cover behind a parked car, shortly joined by an unnamed officer who was part of a group of officers there to make sure citizens were out of the line of fire.  Moore began taking more pictures, noting this was the first time when a public servant was directly protecting him,

When it was time to try to leave, he said, ‘I’m gonna stand up. You stand behind me, and we’re gonna back out,’” recalled Moore. “He stood in front of me basically to shield me as we exited the area. How do you not thank somebody like that?

Moore's images of the officer have been shared on Facebook more than 6,000 times (at the time of publishing this article), and according to Fox 4 News, Moore has learned the name of the officer and hopes to thank him in person.

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