Remember the woman in Moore, Oklahoma who found her dog, Boweser, in the rubble during a news report after the devastating tornado last month?

Well, the good news keeps on coming for her.

An online campaign designed to help raise money to help Barbara Garcia build a new home has brought in more than $50,000 to date. The goal is to reach $100,000.

Erin DeRuggiero, the woman who started the effort, explained what spurred her on:

I've often felt completely helpless when things like this happen. Sitting and watching homes and cars floating away when Katrina and Sandy hit, the tsunami in Japan. When I saw the initial CBS video of Barbara and Bowser a friend had posted on Facebook, I was immediately moved to take action. Unlike coverage of the other natural disasters I mentioned, this time I had a name, Barbara Garcia. I had the geeky social media skills to try and track down the producers of that segment so I could let this woman know I wanted to help."

Garcia had no insurance and the average price for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in town runs about $134,000, so only time will tell if that figure can be reached.

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