I ran across this video which was posted to Facebook and it caught my eye. It's one of those where you think you know what's going to happen and then get totally surprised by the reality. The video leads you to believe a man has just been caught cheating in front of his girlfriend. Think again.

The guy is sitting at dinner with his girlfriend when another woman walks up and throws a glass of water on him and tells him 'you should have told me about her, screw you". He sits there without saying a word while the girlfriend starts to tear up and get upset. Then 2 security officers show up and one of them whisks him away, allegedly to get some dry clothes. The other stays and talks to the girlfriend, telling her everything will be alright. She's visibly upset and crying, thinking her boyfriend has cheated.

What she doesn't know is that she is the subject of an elaborate, and I do mean elaborate, proposal scheme. The boyfriend has left to change into a tux, while a major flash mob production takes place for his girlfriend. She can't believe what is happening and neither will you. I will leave the rest for you to see in the video.

This was part of the TV show Mobbed, hosted by Howie Mandel,where people are caught on hidden camera in unsuspecting situations. This one just happened to be a fantastic marriage proposal.

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