Kip Moore says that Kelsea Ballerini can thank him for her relationship with Morgan Evans. He recently explained the logic behind that claim to crowd of fans -- and we've gotta say, if his story's accurate, he's right.

The singer told his audience at a show that he shared with Evans on Dec. 4 that the couple owes their relationship to some advice he gave Ballerini after the pair met for the first time, while they were both hosting an awards show in Australia. According to Moore, the "Miss Me More" superstar told him that she wasn't sure how to read her mysterious Australian co-host, or if she even liked him.

"I said, 'Kels, hang in there,'" Moore told Ballerini after she admitted that she wasn't sure about Evans. "'Y'all are forcing this thing of hosting, having to do all this stuff together,' and she goes, 'Okay, okay.'"

Readers can press play below to watch Moore recount the conversation at his concert.

Soon, however, Ballerini's mind about Evans was changed: "Then, like a week later, they're like BFFs," Moore recounted. "I see them all over Instagram together. I'm like, 'Kelsea, what the hell happened?' She goes, 'I think I love him.'"

Nine months later, the couple was engaged.

"I would just like to officially thank God and Kip Moore," Evans joked after Moore shared the story. The video was shared on Twitter, and Ballerini responded to the post.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA this is amazing," the singer tweeted. Evans and Ballerini were married a year ago, on Dec. 2, 2017, less than two years after they met.

Moore and Evans were performing along with Clare Dunn at a Pennsylvania radio show for Froggy 101 called Guitars & Stars.

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