Kid Rock will be installing a giant middle finger sculpture on his property near Nashville. The singer's choice of lawn decor was inspired by a Vermont man who has a similar sculpture installed in his own front yard.

In December, Ted Pelkey of Westford, Vt., installed a wooden sculpture shaped like a hand flipping the bird on his property. WKRN-TV reports that the sculpture, which was carved from a 700-pound block of pine, sits atop a 16-foot pole and is lit up at night, to make it always visible, including from nearby Route 128, WCAX-TV reports.

"This is for the people who run the town of Westford," Pelkey told WCAX in December, explaining that he was protesting town leaders' refusal to let him develop his land. The profane sign of protest, however, has become a tourist attraction — "It's visited every day," he says — has its own Facebook fan page, and caught the attention of Rock.

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Rock called Pelkey (he has the voicemail from the musician saved) to see if Pelkey could help Rock get his own middle finger statue. So, Pelkey reached out to the Vermont-based artist who made his, and the artist agreed to make a second. Pelkey and his wife are driving the sculpture down to Rock, too.

"It'll be covered up, I'm sure," Pelkey says of the road trip. "I'm sort of excited; it's going to be fun.

Rock's soon-arriving middle finger sculpture isn't the only attention-grabbing decor of his that's been in the headlines recently: In January, the sign for Rock's new Lower Broadway steakhouse and bar was approved — but not with everyone's approval. The neon sign for Kid Rock's Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse is 20 feet high and prominently features a woman's rear end.

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