On Wednesday (Oct. 9), Kelly Clarkson visited 'The View' to perform her single 'Tie It Up,' but also dished on when she'll tie it up with soon-to-be husband Brandon Blackstock. 

Clarkson came on set sporting in a knee-length wedding dress that sparkled at the waist, with soft tulle on the bottom, her now blonde hair in a classy french twist. "You could get married in this!" Barbara Walters told the original 'American Idol' singer. Clarkson laughed, responding, "You only get so long to be the bride-to-be. So, I'm just totally wearing little wedding dresses everywhere."

Of course, talk immediately turned to when she and Blackstock will say 'I do,' as they recently announced an upcoming elopement, surprising everyone when they scrapped their big wedding plans.

"We just got off tour, so in a couple of weeks, we're just taking the kids and doing something real small -- it's still a wedding," Clarkson assures. "We started putting it together and really realized, weddings aren't for brides or grooms. They're for everyone else!"

Although she had to shoot down pregnancy rumors after the couple's quick switch to eloping, Clarkson, who will play stepmom to Blackstock's two kids, loves every minute of it, calling herself an "add-on mom."

"I love it. I love doing the homework, I love going to the games," she dishes.

And as for her own kids, she is ready! "I didn't want kids for the longest time, but now that you're in love, it all changes," the superstar admits. "So, I just want a little us. I think it's so cool."

She jokes, "We're getting married soon, and then boom, we're gonna start!" When the audience laughed with her, she yelled, "I'm 31!"

In addition to an in-depth interview, Clarkson also performed 'Tie It Up,' clearly having a great time on stage while dancing around. The hearts projected in the background of the set added to the sweetly romantic, yet super fun song, and we couldn't help but fall in love a little more with the 31-year-old singer.

Watch Kelly Clarkson Perform 'Tie It Up' on 'The View'

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