On her Awake EP, Kalie Shorr isn't scared to dig deep and tackle tough topics. However, the country up-and-comer knows that it's important to have fun, too, which is why her single "Candy" shows off her playful side in an homage to her two biggest guilty pleasures.

Read on to learn all about how Shorr created her song "Candy."

I wrote the song with one of my favorite co-writers, Allison Veltz. I had the idea, and at first, it was mostly about the visuals; I've been into those a lot for the Awake EP, just figuring out what I wanted the world that the music existed in to look like. I started having the idea for the music video for "Candy" before the song was even written.

I brought it in, and I don't remember what the original idea was, but it wound up being a lot cooler than it started out. Allison was like, "You hear all these songs that say, 'Oh, you're just like whiskey, you're bad for me.'" And I feel worse when when I have a ton of candy than when I have a ton of whiskey! Maybe that just tells you a lot about me.

When I introduce this song, I always say that there's two things in the world I have a hard time saying no to: One is a Snickers bar, and the other is a boy in a band. So this is a song about both of them.

It's been really fun to release. It's definitely the most fluffy song on the EP, but some of my favorite country songs are those surface-level types of things. Like, I love "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" if it comes on in the bar, you know. This song goes over really well live, and as long as the fans are enjoying it, then I've having a good time.

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