Country star and Sugarland duo member Jennifer Nettles posted a series of tweets on Sunday (Oct. 7) expressing her support for sexual assault victims in the aftermath of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation as a Supreme Court justice on Saturday (Oct. 6).

Before his confirmation, earlier in 2018, several former classmates and acquaintances of Kavanaugh came forward to say that he had sexually assaulted them during various points of his life. The Supreme Court nominee agreed to an FBI probe to examine the charges leveled against him, particularly those by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who testified that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her at a house party in Maryland when she was 15.

Although the examination did not find adequate evidence to corroborate the allegations brought against Kavanaugh, his confirmation to the Supreme Court was controversial, and many survivors of sexual assault and their supporters felt that the move to confirm Kavanaugh represented a larger problem of their voices not being heard. In response, many artists across genres -- including Nettles -- spoke out to voice their support of sexual assault survivors.

"To my loves out there who are hurting & triggered & angry over the painful behaviors & histories & opinions & decisions happening in our government and our citizenry right now, I first want to say that I see you and I love you," Nettles wrote. "I also want to tell you that I believe you."

The country star also addressed those fans who would prefer that she refrain from voicing a political opinion and stick to music. "I know some of you might wish...that my socials could simply be as entertaining as you might consider my art to be," she added. "For those of you who do feel that way, I certainly hate disappointing anyone." In an earlier tweet, Nettles also addressed those who are upset by her speaking out about her political views, suggesting that they may wish to refrain from following her on social media.

Nettles' duo partner, Kristian Bush, also spoke out in support of his bandmate's statement. "What she is saying here is incredibly important and how I feel," he tweeted in response to her statement. "Thank you J."

Sugarland are no strangers to speaking publicly about their political and cultural viewpoints in their music. The group has said that their new album, Bigger, contains several songs that touch on their feelings about the cultural climate in which it was made, including the song, "Mother." "You'll find a lot of messaging on this record, and we've put it just up beneath the surface, so it's not really yelling at you, it's talking," Bush explained of the song during a media event earlier in 2018. "We wanna calm everybody down, and then hug them. And then remind them that their mother would be sorely disappointed in them if they started to hate."

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