Kate McKinnon, who won an Emmy for her impressions and characters on Saturday Night Livehas called Vanessa Bayer's impersonation of Jennifer Aniston's Rachel Green character from Friends "the best impression I've seen." But how has Aniston reacted?

In a new interview with Entertainment TonightAniston — who stars with Bayer in the forthcoming Office Christmas Party — said watching Bayer assume the role has been "so much fun."

"She's the sweetest," Aniston said. "This is something she's been doing since, you know, she grew up on Friends...this was something she's been doing since her stand up days. We had fun."

And Bayer had her misgivings about facing Aniston after the impression, but said the sitcom star has been more than gracious.

"She had been very kind about the impression when we were shooting this movie," Bayer said. "She had seen me do it, but I had never done it in front of her until yesterday and she was a dream about it and she was just the best."

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