Country singers had lots of new music videos to share this week! Which one's your favorite? Read on to learn about all the latest videos.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, "Cumberland Gap":

Taken from the live album that Jason Isbell recorded at the Historic Ryman Audtiorium in Nashville, the video for his song, "Cumberland Gap," captures the hard-driving rockstar vibe that Isbell and his band, The 400 Unit, so effectively deliver. Changing camera perspectives focused on a hazy stage set the backdrop for the song's furious lyrics, which tell the dark story of the coal industry in Virginia's Cumberland Gap. In addition to being included on the 13-track live album, "Cumberland Gap" is the second track off Isbell's award-winning album The Nashville Sound

Brett Eldredge, "Love Someone":

Brett Eldredge gives his happy-go-lucky "Love Someone" some live treatment in this new music video. From shows in packed out venues to backstage antics and a few loveable cameos by Eldredge's dog, Edgar Boogie, behind the scenes, the musical romp follows the star on the road with his crew and fans. "Love Someone" is the feel-good first track on Eldredge's newest album, his self-titled third studio record.

Rachel Reinert, "Cool":

Rachel Reinert beats the heat in the music video for her solo debut tune "Cool." Telling the story of her first love, the former Gloriana member breaks through the heartache of lost love and works through the ups and downs of letting go as she watches him move on. The video plays out at a pool party, interspersed with flashbacks to the way things were and images of Reinert on a midnight solo swim.

Maddie & Tae, "Friends Don't":

In the video for the first song off of their long awaited sophomore album, Maddie & Tae explore all of the things that "Friends Don't" do, like make middle-of-the-night calls for no reason and take the long way home for just a few extra minutes together. Set at a party, surrounded by other friends, a couple come to terms with how they really feel for each other. The first single off the upcoming concept album, it tells the story of the early, flirty stages of a budding relationship between friends. “To us, 'Friends Don’t' feels sexy and confident, but with a dash of that uncertainty you have at the start of a relationship because you don’t know if the other person feels the same way you do,” shared Dye. “We wanted to play off that push and pull we’ve all felt before."

Lanco, "Born to Love You":

Lanco's romantic "Born To Love You" is set to the speed of sound in the music video that the band says is inspired more by their fans everywhere across the globe than a romantic partner. “As we continue to travel the world as a band we’ve been given a glimpse into how many people, places and cultures there are,” lead singer and co-writer Brandon Lancaster says in a press release. "With that in mind we wanted a music video that emphasized the idea in this song of just how amazing it is that out of all those places and people, two people can come together and find love." The video takes off from a serene desert space into a technicolor trip around the world.

Devin Dawson, "Asking for a Friend":

Devin Dawson meets....well, Devin Dawson in the sultry, black-and-white new music video for his single, "Asking for a Friend." The video tells the story of a man trying to repair a relationship with a woman. Unsure of how to go about doing so, he asks her a series of questions about how, hypothetically, someone might win her affections back -- although, of course, he's only "asking for a friend." The video shows dozens of Dawsons wandering around a surreal, noir-style bar, brooding over how to solve the problem at hand. "The prideful character I'm playing in this song and video is taking a roundabout way of trying to apologize to his lady by asking forgiveness 'for a friend.' In reality, he's asking for himself," the country star states in a press release. "I will always be a lyric guy at heart, and nothing makes me happier than watching those words literally come to life."

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