Jason Aldean may be a seasoned girl-father, having two daughters and a third on the way. However, it seems he's still figuring out this boy-father business, in the case of his 13-month-old son Memphis. The singer recently told People he was unsure how to react when he found the little boy playing with...a baby doll.

Now, baby dolls in and of themselves are likely not strange territory to Aldean (who, as noted before, is experienced in the girl-child lane). However, he wasn't feeling it when it came to his boy.

“I’m like, ‘Hold up, time out!’” Aldean told People. “Seeing my son playing with a baby doll was kind of odd. Like, shouldn’t he have a truck or something?”

As it turns out, Aldean relates that his wife Brittany was letting Memphis play with one of his older sisters' dolls as practice for the real thing: The arrival of baby sister Navy Rome, who is due in February. Which is an awfully sweet idea.

Plus, we're sure Memphis has plenty of trucks—heck, probably a slew of gender-neutral toys, as well (such as the boom box he received for Christmas), so there's no need for concern.

Brittany unveiled her unborn daughter's name publicly during her baby shower , showcasing it written in neon lights. She and Jason announced the pregnancy in summer of 2018. Memphis will be just 14 months at the time of his little sister's birth, so it's a good bet the two siblings will grow up being very close.

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