For country superstar Jason Aldean, one of the best things about performing live is getting a chance to see firsthand how fans interact with his new songs. With the impending release of his upcoming studio album, Rearview Town, on April 13, Aldean has plenty of new material to bring out on the road with him this summer for his 2018 High Noon Neon Tour. In a recent press conference, the singer explained to The Boot and other media outlets what makes playing live so special, especially when it comes to his newer songs.

"Once the album is out and you can finally go out and play those songs, it's great," he says. "You can gauge the reaction it's getting from people. The first time we played "She's Country" live, people flipped out, and that's when we knew it was gonna be something special.

"I love testing that kind of stuff out," he continues. "These songs are kind of like my babies, and we've been working this album for a year or more, so getting the chance to put them out there and have people listen to them is exciting."

Aldean adds that his live show is something he always keeps in mind when writing, selecting and recording songs for an album: "Every song I cut, I think about how it's gonna translate live. I really do," he says.

"My live shows are such an important selling tool for the record for me. That's how we get out and promote the album," Aldean continues. "So, I'm constantly listening for songs that are going to translate."

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