Jana Kramer and her husband, Michael Caussin, have revealed the sex of their second child: It's a boy!

Us Weekly reports that Kramer, Caussin and their daughter Jolie broke open a pinata during a small gender reveal party, attended by close friends, to learn their second child's sex. The singer and actress tells the magazine that they were "shocked" at the news.

"I was convinced it was a girl. Like, absolutely convinced with how sick I’ve been and the cravings I’ve had,” Kramer says. “I was like, ‘Okay, I’m definitely having another girl.’ And I kind of secretly wanted a girl because I never had a sister, so I always wanted to know what that was like ... And then when we hit [the pinata], we were like, ‘Oh!’ Like, we were shocked. It was a really nice actual surprise.”

Kramer says she's excited to have a baby boy because "it's just gonna be different" from raising a daughter. She admits she's "having so much fun shopping for boy clothes."

"I feel like we got the girl thing down pat," Kramer adds, "so it’s gonna be new and it’s gonna be fun for us to kind of learn about the boy!”

Kramer is due in November, after experiencing two miscarriages: one in October, which she shared on social media, and another in February. Kramer and Caussin's first child, daughter Jolie, was born in early 2016.

Kramer and Caussin have been married since 2015, although they separated briefly, in 2016, in the midst of the revelation of Caussin's infidelity and treatment for sex addiction. In 2017, Kramer revealed that she and Caussin were "actively working" on their marriage and were still together; they renewed their vows in December.

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