Make plans now to stop off at The Zone for a cancer benefit for James Headstream, which is Saturday, December 12th.

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James has been a fixture in the live music and nightlife scene of Abilene for about 400 years, so there's a dang good chance he's served you a beer, a moose river hummer, or his delicious bar-b-que.

Speaking of his awesome grub, anytime someone needs something, like for a benefit, James is always the first up to bat offering anything and everything in his arsenal from the kitchen and bar-b-que pit.

He's also one of the very few people I know that wears shorts year-round, even in sub-arctic temperatures.

On a personal level, James is one of the most selfless, loving, and loyal friends I've ever known. Heck, during my single years, James always invited me to spend Thanksgiving (and other holidays) with his family and never once expected anything in return.

Some of my fondest Abilene memories are with James. Heck, some of my worst hangovers were with James, too. About the only thing I'm not fond of, with James, is his choice of football teams, but we can't all be perfect.

I could go on and on about James, and I'm sure you have just as many stories, so please join us at The Zone to help raise money to help offset some of the costs of cancer treatment and recovery.

Only $10 gets you in for this benefit for such an amazing person and there's going to be a bunch of live music to keep you entertained.

All the details about the event is on the flyer below, so please share this with all of your friends and let's show James how much we love and support him, especially during a time like this.


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