By my count, Tom Cruise beats up 11 men all by himself in the trailer for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. 11! And that doesn’t include the four guys he beats up before the trailer starts that they show lying on the ground. And this is just a two minute and 30 second clip! How many will Cruise destroy in the actual movie? If the film’s two hours long, and that ratio holds, Jack Reacher would wreck like 500 guys.

If anyone can do it, Jack Reacher can. The guy is like a ninja mixed with a soldier mixed with Sherlock Holmes mixed with Tom Cruise, and there’s nobody who can take him down. He even beat Werner Herzog up in the first Jack Reacher, and I’m pretty sure that guy is a Highlander or a warlock or something. In this sequel, which is subtitled Never Go Back even though that is exactly what Cruise has done in returning to this franchise, Reacher teams up Cobie Smulders to expose a dangerous conspiracy, mostly through beating guys up. Here’s the full plot synopsis:

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back follows the title character as he returns to Virginia to meet the head of his former unit. But she's missing, he's being charged with a crime committed nearly 20 years ago, and he may even have a daughter. Making things right will lead him on a cross-country chase to uncover the truth - and maybe even a family.

I liked the first Jack Reacher; nothing fancy, but when you have Tom Cruise demolishing hundreds of guys and running a lot, you don’t need fancy. This one doesn’t have Christopher McQuarrie behind the camera like the previous one did (Edward Zwick directs this time in his place), but it looks like they’ve carried forward what made the first film such a solid thriller. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (Unless You’re Tom Cruise In Which Case, Yes Absolutely Go Back) opens in theaters on October 21.

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