That's right, the iconic plates that made lunchtime with your kids super exciting are making a comeback after nearly a decade. But am I the only one who didn't know they weren't made anymore?

As you can see, the plates were different animals and their ears, and for some, their feet were separate so you could use them for dips or sides! Fun, right? The plates were a hit among kids, obviously. I won't lie, though, as someone who had nephews, these plates were a staple in my house! Did I use them for pizza and ranch? Definitely!

The animals making a comeback are:

  • Curly the Pig
  • Fritz the Frog
  • Kosmo the Cow
  • Domino the Dalmation
  • Baloo the Whale
  • Tina the Tiger
  • Shelly the Turtle
  • Puddles the Duck
  • Theo the Bear
  • Speckles the Ladybug

In 2014, Hefty discontinued the animal themed plates and now that they're back you might have a hard time finding them. For now, it looks like the plates are available online only. Aside from the Hefty website and the Target website, one of the places you could find the animal plates was on Amazon, where they sold out almost instantly!

Hefty wrote:

Thank you so much for all of your love and support for Zoo Pals™ Plates on the relaunch! We're working quickly to restock.

But now word yet on when you can expect a restock.

I don't think I ever even realized that they stopped making these! But now that I know they're making a comeback, I'm totally going to see if I can get some, you know, for my nephews.

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