It's Friday night in West Texas and you are leaving your favorite night spot, you call your UBER, he pulls up, you check the car make and license plate to verify you are in the right vehicle (because you are responsible) and get in.

17 minutes to home, home with leftover pizza and stretchy pants are waiting for you BUT your UBER driver is making you verrrrrrrry uncomfortable asking questions you do not want to answer, like "You sure are pretty, love your dress, are you single?"  Yikes now what?  We gotcha girl, this TIK TOK video will come to your rescue.

In the video above, TikTok user @bigoltexanfamily shares a special strategy to keep women and girls safe in their Uber and Lyft rides home. You'll be able to play the video if you ever feel unsafe-- his deep voice would scare off any skeevy drivers.

His prompts to share your location and Uber driver information may also help ensure a rider's safety, tricking the driver into thinking you're having a phone call with a big, tough, Texas man.

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I know I would feel safe with this guy checking on me!   Plus it doesn't hurt to carry pepper spray, just saying.

Need more safety tips before you get into your next rideshare? Uber suggests that you never enter a ride without checking the driver's information first. You can also use the Uber app to share your trip details with friends, family, and loved ones to let them know where you are and who you're with. Get more safety tips from Uber here.

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