Many Texas residents love the gas station giant known as Buc-ee's.

Since the business started in 1982, the very famous beaver has grown in size with stations popping up across the nation. Many on road trips look forward to stopping at Buc-ee's for snacks or possibly to use the restroom. So to say the least, Buc-ee's has many admirers.

Because of this, tributes to the station and it's mascot exist everywhere. We've all somebody have a collection of Buc-ee's plushies or a variety of shirts from the business. Heck, even people have written songs about it!

But, with the increase of using technology to do certain things, entertainment has changed. This includes the previously mentioned tributes, and it looks like AI has entered the arena.

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AI Creates A Tribute To Buc-ee's And It Might Be The Best

To determine if this the best we've ever heard, we have to listen to it first right? So here's the video, which was posted to Tik Tok:

First, it is still hard to believe that AI can put together songs at this point. Kind of makes us worried for the future shouldn't it? Second, it's also very scary that the voice almost sounds perfect, except for some spots.

Overall though, the lyrics work well, and honestly, it'd be nice if a human voice was placed on this song, with some changes to the lyrics honestly.

Do you think this is the best tribute by AI to Buc-ee's? Let us know by sending us a message using our FREE station app!

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